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SLA (Service Level Agreement)

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies to all clients who have purchased the Dedicated, Cloud or Virtual Server Service (hereinafter “Service”) from Webhosting24.

Webhosting24 undertakes to ensure continuity of the Service in order to guarantee optimal levels of performance and uptime, which will be monitored on a monthly basis.


If the percentages drop below the guaranteed parameters, Webhosting24 will compensate every full hour of downtime with one day of credit to be used for further renewal of the Service (“Service Credit”).

In order to receive the Service Credit it must be requested within no more than five (5) days from the date in which the server was down. The request should be made by the Client via his/her personal control panel, by opening up a ticket, in which the Client should note the problem that has been found and the threshold exceeded, together with the date, start and end times in which the Server was down. Webhosting24 reserves the right to check the claim submitted by the Client, and once verified will calculate and award either (1) the credit amount to the Client’s Webhosting24 account or (2) proceed to directly extend the next due day of the Service accordingly.


It is understood that the Service Credit will not be acknowledged to the Client in the event that a Service downtime or suspension is caused by:

  1. Routine maintenance with prior notice;
  2. Special/extraordinary/emergency maintenance with or without prior notice;
  3. Attacks by third parties;
  4. Errors (effective or in the form of omissions) by the Client;
  5. Unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure;
  6. Causes leading to the total or partial inaccessibility to the Service by the Client, attributable to faults on the Internet network outside the perimeter of Webhosting24 and in any event outside its control;
  7. Software or hardware bugs outside the reasonable technical control of Webhosting24;
  8. Other reasons outside the technical control of Webhosting24.

Service Credit is Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any violation of this SLA. The total amount of Service Credit awarded in any twelve (12) month period shall not, under any circumstance, exceed one (1) month of a Customer’s cumulative total monthly service fees. Service Credit for this SLA will only be calculated against monthly recurring fees associated with the Service.